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Hamsaya Food Bank Members

    Foundation Members

    Those members who have started support from the start of any Hamsaya Food Bank in any city or Town

    Corporate Member

    Those members who supported any corporation to support financially on permanent bases at least food of one person per year

    Honorary Members

    Any personality which can create fame to HFB can be Honorary Member. Any honorary member could be designated by the management committee.

    Financial Members

    Those Donors who financially support to feed at least one hungry for the year is Financial Member

    Product Members

    Those Donors who specially opt any product to donate on regular bases.

    Strategic Members

    Member who support HFB to make strategies for different products to raise funds.

    Leadership Members

    Member will be awarded a leadership member when he/she will be leading Hamsaya Food Bank of any town or city.

    Supporting Members

    Supporting Members will be those who will be supporting the cause without any financial returns & actively participating by time.

    Associated Members

    Those who will be giving moral support & time to all activities of HFB will be awarded Associate Members.

    Mission Members

    Those who are preaching for cause, they are dedicated & devoted to create awareness to alleviate hunger & support HFB by donation & fund raising activities.

    Collaborative Members

    Those who will support by time & money to the cause will continuously supporting the HFB will be awarded by Collaborative Members.

    Volunteer Members

    Volunteer member could be any one but mostly students of Colleges & Universities who can support to create awareness in their institution about wastage of food. They could also support in fund raising activities also & could be volunteer members of Hamsaya Food Bank

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