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Hunger in Pakistan

  1. Unfortunately the slogan of Bread has never been met in Pakistan.
  2. In Blochistan one in 3 kids is ill due to malnutrition & hunger.
  3. According to Planning commission of Pakistan, rural poverty is increasing from 1987 on continuous bases.
  4. According to UN Pakistan is among top 5 countries whose people are living below poverty line & their earning is below Rs.120/- per day. How they could feed the family with this amount.
  5. The top 5 countries are Veit Nam, Nepal, Bangladesh & Pakistan & Turkamanistan.

According to Report, in 2012 Pakistan is at top with 45% population with below poverty line.

Socio Economic class in Pakistan is as under:-

  1. Rich 15%, Upper Middle Class 15%, Lower Middle Class 25% and desperately poor are 45%.
  2. According to Thomson Datastream, Pakistan is ahead with refers to its neighbours with respect to price increase of commodities as 28% price increase per annum with comparison to India & Bangladesh as 5-8% price increase in commodities.
  3. According to IMF inflation in Pakistan is highest in Food, Beverages & according to IMF current account balance to GDP Pakistan is -4.9% where as India is -1.9%, whereas Bangladesh is +0.5% and Malashia 14% where as China is 11.1%.
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